United States is a vast land, divided into fifty diverse states. Each state has a different vibe and thrill. Each state with its own charm attracts visitors from all over the world as well as fellow neighboring states. Connecting all 50 states is a huge travel network, comprising of multiple airlines including low cost carriers. In this article, we discuss the top airlines operating in America.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the most major airlines operating in United States. It has its main hub in Atlanta city in the state of Georgia. It flies to more than three hundred destinations. The airline’s economy class is one of the most common choices for locals as well as foreigners. Delta’s frequent flyer program adds to the airline’s popularity. You can buy, earn and sell Delta Skymiles to gain significant advantages.

Alaska Airlines

With its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, Alaskan airline is one of the oldest and most successful airlines operating in United States. It is a popular name in the travel industry and has 70 plus years of experience. Unlike Delta, the airline does not operate on a very vast network. It successfully caters to 116 destinations with San Diego and San Jose being two of its main focus cities. The airline has gained recognition over the years for having a high customer satisfaction rate. High customer satisfaction means high customer retention, leading to a massive sales. Its frequent flyers enjoy a promising loyalty program known as Mileage plan.

Hawaiian Airlines

As the name suggests, this airline operates successfully in the state of Hawaii. It is the largest airline operating there. The airline not only caters to visitors coming to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii but also flies on international routes to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Hawaiian airline stands out among other airlines due to its clean track record. It is the oldest airline in the country which has successfully avoided fatal accidents. Other plus points include punctuality and minimum baggage related issues. Like other good airlines, Hawaiian airline too has a very favorable frequent flyer program.


JetBlue is one of the most popular and successful low cost airlines in the United States. It is the number one choice for budget travelers. With a fleet size of 250 planes, the airline flies to 102 destinations including Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. The airline’s frequent flyer program, Trueblue is quite well known and popular. Low fares combined with frequent flyer points result is exceptionally amazing deals for JetBlue customers.

Southwest Airlines

Having the honor of being the largest low cost carrier in the world, Southwest enjoys great popularity. It operates in 99 destinations, with its major operating bases in Atlanta, LA, Orlando, Dallas and Denver among others. Southwest airline’s rapid rewards program is extremely rewarding and holds great promise. It is one of the most popular loyalty programs in the region. Budget travelers love Southwest airline for its economical fares and great service.

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