Starting a life in another country is something us Brits have done in our millions. We are no stranger to taking the big leap abroad and year after year more of us seem to be doing so.

Looking at the top destinations one thing becomes clear. Either we are creatures of habit or certain countries seem to hold much more allure than others when it comes to moving there as the same country names appear over and over. 

Some years might find one being more popular than then other but when it comes to the top results we see the same names. Countries like Australia, America, Canada and Spain.

A 2006 survey by independent charity and think tank Institute For Public Policy Research saw Australia being the chosen destination for Brits followed fairly closely by Spain. 

In 2020, as reported in the Daily Mail, America claimed the top spot with Canada and Spain not far behind.

Top Destinations For Moving Abroad


Like a majority of the top spots Australia is an English-speaking country which means you are less likely to encounter any language barriers. The culture there is very similar to the British culture, probably because of our historical connections and influence, and is one that we can all easily adapt to.

Some people who move abroad do so because of the weather. They like the UK but hate the amount of rain and cloudy days we get. Australia is just like the UK (more or less) but with sunshine. We understand the people and their way of life and can blend seamlessly into it.


Spain is the only non-English speaking country which routinely features in the moving abroad top spots. That speaks volumes. But why do we still go there if the language may be a barrier to our enjoyment and satisfaction? This could be because of a number of factors. One is the huge numbers of British holiday makers which fly in and out each year. The other is the large ex-pat community which exists in Spain, especially on the Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol regions of Spain. Wherever you are in Spain you might not be too far away from a thriving and welcoming ex-pat community.

Spain also has the added attraction of being of the sunniest countries near to the UK. A flight only takes a few hours so it is fairly easy to have a life there but still maintain good contact with any family and friends back home in the UK.

Spain isn’t just a top destination for us Brits. In a 2020 worldwide map in the Daily Mail which looked at where other countries residents like to move to Spain placed 3rd.


At the risk of offending Americans or Canadians I have put these two together primarily because of their similarities. They both are on the same land mass and offer a lot of similar things to the ex-pat.

They are both English-speaking. They both have a similar societal structure to our own and they both have long-standing historical connections with the UK. Millions of us have moved there over the years and millions more will continue to do so.

They both offer the opportunity for a cosmopolitan way or life or a back-to-nature type of way. If you want urban centres you’ve got them. If you want to get as far way from people as possible you have that too.

The only real difference, aside from the people, is that Canada has more natural countryside and may tend to be a bit colder especially in the winter months.

In terms of where people from other countries want to go Canada scores much more highly than America.

Choosing where to move abroad requires a lot of careful consideration. It really is about what you want from your life and which country can provide that best. There will always be some pros and cons so getting the right balance is paramount. Your best bet is to go somewhere which has stood the test of time. Somewhere that is attractive to ex-pats and continues to be popular. Where that ‘somewhere’ is, is up to you.

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