Marriage is an adventurous thing in itself.  To contemplate a lifetime with somebody takes a great deal of courage of doing. For couples who enjoy adventures and seek more at every turn of their honeymoons, there is the perfect adventurous honeymoon waiting for you at Jalori Pass.  Located only 100 km from Shimla and surrounded by the magical beauty of the mighty Himalayas, steeped in the wilderness lies this beautiful trail.  It is heavenly to be in and is sure to create bonding memories for the rest of the life. Far away from the hustle bustle of the mad urban existence lies this beautiful, serene place steeped in the beauty of nature.

The wilderness teeming with local flora and fauna is a fascinating place which will fill you with beauty and magic of nature unbounded while taking this trail. The charming and quaint little settlements on the way bear testimony to a time that has passed but still exists in little pockets situated in unlikely locations. Here, on this trail take a little time to relish the beauty of this unlikely honeymoon destination. This place perhaps will not feature in any of the lists thrown up by the internet comprising the popular Honeymoon & Romantic Packages India; however, it is one of the best places to bond over the magic of nature unfolding and is as romantic as it can get for your Loving Honeymoons.

The warm and rural culture that you will see unfolding around you like a magic carpet will bring you and your soul mate in close proximity to the precious beauty of simplicity. What can be more romantic than finding romance in simple things and professing it under the great expanse of the blue sky with the magical Himalayas as your witness? Come here to celebrate your true love in the presence of the very essence of pristine nature, filled by wilderness as beautiful as life itself. Against backdrops such as these loves, stories become more romantic and acquire an epic proportion.

Several Honeymoon and Romantic packages in India tend to ignore this alluring destination from their list since it is a tad bit disparate from the conventional honeymoon tour packages in India that they have to offer.

Jalori Pass is a total of 75 Km trekking experience amidst the beautiful and serene backdrop of the Himalayas which not only create an everlasting impression in your minds but also brings you closer to Mother Nature. Honeymoon Packages in India generally include such places for those couples who have an exquisite taste for adventure, trekking and finds solace in the exotic and unexplored places in the world.

What do you see in this trail?

Well, couples looking for India Honeymoon and Romantic packages tend to enjoy various beautiful sights as they move along this 75km long trail. Shoja, Sereolsar Lake, Sakiran, Lambri, Bashleo and the Great Himalayan National Park fall along the transverse path of this trail. These places remind you of heaven on earth. Couples opting for this trail as a part of their cheap Honeymoon and Romantic packages in India also witness the Fatehpurgarh, Ragunathpur and Kalagarh forts.

How to Reach Jalori Pass?

The Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar Town is the nearest airfield having regular commute provided by Indian Airlines and some other private companies.

Nearest Railway head would be Jogindar Nagar which is 166km from Manali

By road, there are several buses operating between Delhi and Manali which can transverse you near Jalori Pass.

When to visit Jalori Pass?

If you really wish to experience the moderately difficult and astounding trek at Jalori Pass then mid-June to mid-October is the time you would choose. Most of the best honeymoon and romantic packages in India which includes Jalori Pass as an unconventional tourist location in their list suggests the similar duration for experiencing this beautiful yet moderately difficult 75 km long trail in the Karsog Valley of Himachal Pradesh. One can experience snowfall mostly between September and October with temperatures at sub-zero levels during nights.

Jalori Pass is, therefore, an extremely recommended destination for the newlyweds who want to exit the mundane concept of honeymoons in the same conventional locations and wishes to experience some thrill and chill amidst the beauty of the Himalayas.

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