A vacation once or twice a year is vital to one’s mental well-being. Whether study related stress or work related, every person deserves a break. Last year, I had my mind set on escaping to another country, even if it meant begging my boss for some extra leaves. I got my precious week off in February 2017. With little time to plan and make necessary visa arrangements, I opted to visit Sri Lanka. Their visa process can be done online and I got the approval within the stated number of days.

Naturally, I was beyond ecstatic, not only because I was getting away from work but also because Sri Lanka had always attracted me. Plus, I loved beaches and who doesn’t rave about Sri Lankan Beaches? My sister and I were able to buy cheap airline tickets to Colombo with Mihin Lanka airline. Being a planner, I had the whole thing planned. Despite a few ups and downs, we were able to make this trip a roaring success. Sri Lanka is recommended to every traveler looking to relax and enjoy unmatched hospitality.


Our flight landed 7ish in the morning and we made our way to Rockwell Colombo immediately. For transport, I had booked a car and a driver. Rockwell Colombo was wonderful. It was clean and tidy, just what I look for in a hotel. We were only in the capital for a day and I doubt we missed out on anything major. During the day, we visited a few malls and explored Old Dutch Hospital area. Dining at the famous “Ministry of Crab” was a great experience. Visiting the national Colombo museum was fun as well. At night, we visited the Galle Face area and main beach in Colombo. Though it was dark, it was still an exciting place with vendors and restaurants overlooking the ocean.


Early morning of our second day, we left for Kandy. Kandy is famous for the Kandy Lake and Temple of Tooth. After visiting both, we just roamed around the city and looked at the historical British architectural sites.

Nuwara Eliya

On the morning of our third day, we left for the mountains. Nuwara Eliya was way more beautiful and enjoyable than I had anticipated. We stayed in wooden cabin like room facing the Lake Gregory in Governor Chalets Hotel. The activities around the lake area kept us busy. Horse riding, boating and just taking in the serene surrounding of this beautiful city was enough to make me fall in love with it. The Tea plantations were a whole different story.


After two days in Nuwara Eliya, we headed to explore the beachy side of the Island. Our hotel was in Hikkaduwa but we visited Galle during the day to shop for the famous jewelry of that area. The beaches in Sri Lanka are justifiably hyped up. The water so blue and sand so soft, you want to stay there forever. Alas, we only had two days.


Bentota was our last destination so we pampered ourselves by staying at a beach resort called “Centara Ceysands Resort and Spa”. In Bentota, we were able to visit a turtle hatchery and a beautiful place called Lunuganga gardens. Lunuganga Estate was the home of a famous Sri Lankan Architect by the name of Geoffrey Bawa. If you love architecture and nature, you will love the place! On our seventh day, we said a tearful goodbye to the lovely people and beautiful surroundings of Sri Lanka, with the hope to return again one day!

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