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A Euro trip is every traveler’s dream. It tops all bucket lists regardless of age and preferences. Who doesn’t want to visit the Eiffel tower, roam the streets of Venice, watch the sunset in Prague and explore the unmatched natural beauty of Switzerland? As lovely as Europe sounds, a trip to visit this continent costs a significant amount of money. It needs years and years of savings and planning, or you could follow the following tips to make the dream come true sooner. Listed below are tried and tested ways to manage a Europe tour in less money.

  1. Travel via trains

To travel from one destination to the other, trains are the best mode of transport in terms of comfort, speed and most importantly cost. A rental car would cost a whole lot of money that you can spend elsewhere.

  1. Use Budget Airlines

When you have no other option but to fly, go for budget airlines. They are the most economical. Some of the most popular budget airlines are Icelandair, EasyJet, Eurowings and Blue Air.

  1. Stay in a Hostel

Due to excessive tourism in Europe, hotels tend to be an expensive option to pursue. Even 3 star hotels cost a lot during the high season. Your best bet are hostels. They are cheap and affordable. Good thing that you now have multiple options to choose from. Europe trips are all about exploring each city. All you really need is a comfortable bed to crash at night. Hostels give you just that.

  1. Buy Frequent Flyer Miles Online

Frequent flyer miles, more commonly known as airline miles or travel points are a traveler’s best friend. They can be earned through several ways if you have the time but miles can also be bought on online forums if your trip is right around the corner. The miles can be redeemed on flights, hotels, upgrades etc.

  1. Hitchhiking

Now this may be an adventurous and risky option but it is nonetheless gaining popularity in Europe. Especially amongst budget travelers. But make sure you take necessary precautions as well. For example keep your google maps open to see if the car is going in the right direction. And it is always a good idea to keep a pepper spray in your bag or pocket.

  1. Skip overrated touristy activities

Exploring Europe is more about the experience, not the activities. Some places and activities in Europe have become so overrated and cost a fortune for no apparent reason. Skip those altogether.

  1. Be flexible

Flexibility is the key when planning and making the bookings of your trip. A few days before or after hardly matters and could make a marked difference in your budget. When you fly and to which airport are extremely important. Go for small, less busy airports to save money. Fly on unconventional times. Move your trip dates to less touristy months.

Eat Cheap

The cost of your meals in aggregate amounts to a great deal of money. Little savings go a long way. Avoid restaurants in tourist zones. Try the street food.

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