Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam and is considered the best form of Muslim worship and is one of the most sublime virtues. All the Muslims round the globe come to Makkah to offer their prayers and complete their duties towards their religion. Every year Government announces hajj packages and takes the free hajj applications. There are other different private Hajj packages 2019 for the Hajj travelers. People choose the one that suits them.

Some of the people prefer private Hajj packages from Lahore. Their decision is based on their convenience and feasibility.  Every year, it is seen that the number of senior citizens is greater than the youth. People go to Hajj after getting retirement or in the old age. It means they need more facilities as compared to young travellers. All these facilities are other than Hajj 2019 packages. Other than these facilities, they need to learn some other things to make their travel comfortable.

Choose the suitable Hajj packages 2019 first?

It is your first preference that you choose the service that gives you more facilities in a reasonable budget. There are different Hajj 2019 packages Pakistan. Do not make hassle in taking decision. Take your time and make sure, you are in safe hands. You can check the Hajj 2019 packages Pakistan prices online. Now, this is the time to compare the Hajj package 2019 Pakistan price with the facilities. Visit the office personally; ask each and every detail about their services and your facilities. Why to pay extra for same facilities. Services that care more sometimes is costly so do not compromise on quality and professionalism on the minor difference of prices in Hajj packages 2019 Pakistan.

Make your Documents Ready before Travelling

It is important to prepare all your documents to apply for the Hajj visa. Preparation of your traveling documents, passport and others does not come in the 2019 Hajj Packages. Some of the details are given below.

  1. Make a Xerox copy of your documents and make an extra copy of photos and passport.
  2. Keep all your Saudi Riyals and national currency in your wallet. Prefer to exchange Pak rupee into Riyals before traveling. Make sure, you have some Pak rupee with you other than Saudi Riyals.
  3. Ask about the distance of the hotel from Masjid-ul-Haram. Your walking distance should short. Ask about foods and agreements as well.
  4. Make sure that you will pay the dues in your country because it can create problem for you when you are on your journey.
  5. Try to be with your group on the airport. If you are accompanied with your family then you need special care. You are responsible of your money, belongings and family.
  6. Learn about the legal formalities of Saudi Arab government before leaving Pakistan airport.

Is Jeddah Airport your First Stop?

Jeddah International Airport is one of the busiest airports round the globe due to the several Hajj flights. Muslims round globe use this airport for Hajj and Umrah. For serving over 14 million Hajj and Umrrah travellers and a broad range of international flights, it is a popular airport. The majority of the services use this airport in Hajj 2019 packages.

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