So, the Hajj season is over and the majority is ready to go on Umrah. For this reason, they will love to know about the details of the Umrah packages from Islamabad. When Muslim travels for the holy land of Medina and Makah, it is important prepare for it because it is the best journey of everyone’s life that reminds Muslims about religion. It is vital to complete your responsibilities and liabilities. Before, taking a final decision, it is vital to check the Umrah packages total cost because there are several companies that offer a variety of packages. If you have decided to go on Umrah with your family then you should choose a suitable umrah package for family.

Are Umrah Packages from Islamabad Affordable?

Yes, all the Umrah packages from Islamabad are highly affordable. These are designed for executives and VIP customers. But, it does not mean that a common man cannot afford this package. There are several things come in these packages. The Umrah packages total cost is highly affordable for everyone. You can go for online booking that will definitely save your money and time. You can give the list of your family members if you have chosen Umrah package for family

Stay in Hotels

You can get affordable Umrah packages total cost. The stating facilities are different for different packages. Even if you are choosing a small Umrah package, you can find a suitable and apt place to live in. the low living cost and cost of living that is lower than the rest of the other packages. Since the hotels shelter thousands of people. These hotels are near to Haram and Mosque. You will find these hotels closer to the market place, restaurants and the housing system. Paying lower prices does not mean compromising on the facilities and features.

What Luggage you can take with you?

To decrease your Umrah packages total cost, you need to take some important things in your luggage. You can call it Umrah kit. Include these important things in your Umrah kit like to make tea and tea bags, travel iron, scissors, nail cutter, some pairs of socks, glasses, one and two cups, hand washing and face soap, immodium, Cough syrup, strepsils, ponstan, basic medicine disprin, alarm clock, roll of toilet tissue and packet of tissue, some dry food items and Packs of biscuit, soap and shampoo, mouth wash and tooth paste if needed and tooth brush, pair of sleepers, an umbrella, towel and ahram.  You need a small knife but keep it in booking luggage not in hand carry. This small knife is for fruit cutting.

Sufficient batteries and camera is good for you to keep in your kit. Prayer mat is not essential. You can take it as per your wish and convenience. Petroleum jelly, cold cream and face cream are important. It is hot but you can manage because of the Air-condition. Otherwise, you will face the problem of dry skin.

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